Supply Chain Influencers: 10 Sourcing and Procurement Handles to Follow on Twitter

1) Spend Matters | @spendmatters |(1,880 Followers) Follow the Spend Matters team for Tweets on all the latest procurement and sourcing vendor news, technology analysis and procurement strategy.

2) Procurement Leaders | @ProcurementMag | (3,100 Followers) Home of the Procurement Leaders Network. Terrific insight on global procurement, current events and the news and issues affecting supply chains today.

3) Supply Chain Network | @SupplyChainNtwk | (11,600 Followers) Connecting the top supply chain executives with the sourcing and logistics intelligence they need. Possibly the most-followed supply chain influencer on Twitter.

4) Andrew Bartolini | @andrewbartolini | (740 Followers) The Chief Research Officer of Ardent Partners and editor of the procurement blog

5) SupplyChainBrain |@scbrain | (4,470 Followers) Stories and analysis from Bob Bowman – one of the most knowledgeable and experienced reporters covering the supply chain space.

6) Mickey North Rizza |@MNorthRizza | (234 Followers) BravoSolution’s very own VP of strategic services. Mickey is a former Gartner analyst, and universally recognized as one of the top voices on supply chain, sourcing and procurement excellence.

7) Supply Management | @supplymgmt | (2,940 Followers) Non-stop Tweets on micro- and macro supply chain news. Managed by the UK publication Supply Management.

8) Supply & Demand Chain Executive | @SDCExec | (1,970 Followers) Another publication to follow – a great source for researching solutions and strategies.

9) Bob Ferrari | @SC_Matters_Blog | (280 Followers) A former practitioner and now independent supply chain industry analyst. Providing independent views and insight on the burning topics surround how-to manage the global supply chain.

10) Lora Cecere | @lcecere | (3,330 Followers) This veteran analyst recently struck out on her own, and is constantly sharing insight from the top industry events too-exclusive for most to attend.

And as a bonus: CSCMP | @cscmp | (4,090 Followers ) What would a supply chain list be without CSCMP – the go to source for supply chain education?

And of course, don’t forget to follow the BravoSolution team – @BravoSolution. We’re Tweeting about the news and issues affecting today’s procurement and sourcing teams, and the strategies to overcome them.

Who would you recommend following on Twitter?

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