DDVN and the Tale of Two Cities: Barcelona and Philadelphia

Problems arise every day in every community world-wide.  Problems such as road surface hazards, parking availability, substance abuse, neighborhood surveillance and prisoner re-entry are just some of the multitude of problems that communities face globally.  Every country, city and town has their own way of managing problems that usually include discussions with local leaders and citizens, debate over the right course of action and finally a vote or movement into a direction or two to fix the problem.  This can often take months to even years to move from problem identification to solution execution and achieving optimal citizen results.  Continue reading

The Looming Talent Gap in Procurement

Supply chain risk is a hot topic, but there’s one threat that looms over the rest – the talent gap.

Baby boomers are retiring, and there’s a shortage of next-generation contenders to take over. Few companies are fully aware of the magnitude and implications of this problem, which are likely to last for at least a decade. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts more than 60 million Baby Boomers will exit the workforce by 2025, and approximately only 40 million new bodies will enter.  Continue reading

How Well Do You Know Your Stakeholder’s Needs?

As procurement professionals, we continually need to be able to sell our value.  The value proposition of a world-class procurement organization goes beyond placing purchase orders and negotiating pieces prices at discounts.  Today’s CPO is tasked with measuring procurement’s value contribution to the company in addition to whether the procurement team actually pays for itself.  Selling procurement’s value to the company cannot be done as a one-size-fits-all approach. Continue reading

Summer Heat and the Supply Chain

After this harsh winter, most of us (me included) are relishing the hot summer weather that has descended upon us. As far as business is concerned, however, the warm temperatures bring their own set of hazards that can ultimately pose serious risks for many supply chains. Continue reading

What do you, Gardening and Procurement have in common?

I am a gardener. Every spring I diligently clean up the flowerbeds by trimming, pruning, transplanting, spraying, mulching and adding a new plant or two. For the last 11 years, my husband and I have been making our outdoor garden a blooming success and an extension of our home! We love our roses – hybrids, floribundas, grandifloras, miniature and English varieties. Over the years we have added day lilies, irises, black-eyed susans, carnations, hydrangeas and sedum. Adding to it a patio that is both a living and dining room plus a grape arbor for shade, and you a have an outdoor home. We love it. Continue reading

Collaborative Sourcing: Creative Common Sense

by Bill King, BravoSolution

“Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”

~Frederick B. Wilcox

Let’s face it. When most sourcing companies target buyers for business, it seems logical that they go after the low-hanging fruit. BravoSolution has a different philosophy; we go after the hard-to-reach branches. Anyone can offer solutions for typical category items like office supplies, floor cleaners, and commodity items. And most buyers can certainly handle those types of categories with very little, if any, assistance. The solution for your most pressing needs, such as the hard-to-source items, requires a little different process. You know the categories I’m talking about, right? These are the ones that make you cringe just thinking about them. This is where a collaborative sourcing approach thrives. Continue reading

Evolving SPM to SRM: Moving to Collaboration and Business Partnership

About a year ago, I posted an entry to this site regarding Supplier Performance Management fundamentals (Business Case For Supplier Performance Management Fundamentals: Boeing and the Pentagon).  In this case, the Pentagon’s inspector general discovered multi-million-dollar pricing issues on over 1,500 orders for parts with a certain supplier.  My conclusion was that the issue could have been avoided had basic spend analysis, contract compliance and supplier performance management processes been actively used.  By implementing practices such as these, the government could hopefully avoid this type of issue altogether in the future. Continue reading

Low-Cost-Country Sourcing vs. Fair Wages

Low-cost-country sourcing initiatives have helped many US brands keep a handle on their manufacturing costs. Sourcing materials from countries with lower labor and production costs has been a great way to keep a handle on operating costs. But, with Apple agreeing to work with its manufacturer Foxconn to curtail employee hours, substantially improve wages and hire tens of thousands to compensate for reduced hours, the low costs will be rising. Continue reading

Prices are Rising…and Rising Some More…

Some inflation in the economy as U.S. consumer prices recorded their largest increase in 10 months in April.  The Labor Department said on Thursday, May 15 that its Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 0.3 percent last month.   Both food prices and the cost of gasoline are drivers for the increase. Continue reading

Communication – The Core of Our Existence

Sometimes life teaches us lessons that we won’t soon forget.  I received one of those in the last 24 hours. I was so busy getting ready for my work trip, I forgot to grab my cell phone. Yes, you read it right, I forgot to grab my cell phone.  Life as an optimist allows me to find alternatives – in this case I am just dealing with it for three days, as the alternative (purchase a pre-paid phone) is expensive and doesn’t make sense. Continue reading